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Imagetek understands the challenges facing healthcare organizations today

Our suite of hardware, software, and services enable our healthcare clients to improve communication between facilities, doctors, and patients. We enable healthcare providers to focus their budgets on delivering care, not administering it.

Imagetek helps our healthcare clients in areas that are core to their business: 

  • Implement electronic medical forms and workflow to alleviate burdensome or manual paper processes and reduce expense
  • Simplify admissions and discharge document workflows to improve staff productivity and reduce patient wait times - resulting in better HCAHP survey scores
  • Streamline your EMR experience through seamless HL7 scanning integration - reducing the steps required to scan and index documents to a patient’s chart
  • Track all print, scan, and fax activities on MFPs and quickly mitigate any unauthorized access to sensitive patient healthcare information
  • Manage sensitive patient records through authentication, encryption, and other solutions to address HIPAA-mandated physical, administrative, and technical compliance

With Imagetek solutions, your healthcare business can realize a multitude of benefits:

  • Enterprise Content Management | Combine enterprise control with departmental flexibility to centrally and securely manage your content - providing a critical complement to HIS, EMR, and other clinical and back-office applications
  • Privacy and Security Management | Deploy privacy and security solutions and services developed specifically to comply with the many regulatory requirements established by HIPAA and HITECH
  • Achieving Meaningful Use | Adopt electronic health records (EHRs) to meet Meaningful Use requirements for improving patient care to qualify for incentives available under the HITECH Act
  • Workflow Management | Optimize productivity and reduce medical labor costs with customized and integrated workflows that combine multiple tasks into single processes
  • Cost Reduction and Management | Eliminate expensive pre-printed medical forms, minimize the need for multiple fax lines, and control print costs through enforceable print management policies

Customer Testimonial

“Imagetek took a consultative approach and performed an ImageAudit analysis of our document workflow and output needs. This analysis was the basis of developing a document output and management strategy that reduced the operating cost to the organization.  The first phase of the plan saved the hospital system $1.2 million in actual expenditures. They continued to make strategic recommendations that allowed us to save additional expenses, eliminate unnecessary additional/future capital expenditures and lower administrative burden related to document output technology.

The partnership with Imagetek also minimized the burden on both the Materials Management and IT departments allowing us to focus on our core competency of providing excellent patient care. I would highly recommend Imagetek to forward thinking healthcare organizations looking for a strategic document output and management partner.”

David CFO, Hospital System

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