Cost Accounting & Recovery

If printing in your organization is like most, you really don’t know what is being printed, who is printing it, and the cost of doing so

In addition, accurate bill-back to clients or departments along with meeting green initiatives becomes challenging, time consuming, and out of control.  The typical cost to print or copy a single page is about five cents for black and white with color costing significantly more.  

While it may be surprising, studies have shown that:

  • The average employee prints around 10,000 pages per year
  • Nearly 20% of these printed pages are never used

The solution to this challenge is to work with Imagetek to implement a managed print solution that will give your organization a detailed understanding with full control over your print environment.  

There are many benefits to implementing a print solution that provide you with powerful information and cost control:

  • Single solution for enterprise’s entire print environment, including desktop printers, network printers, and MFPs
  • Detailed print reporting allowing monitoring of usage by device, user, department, and organization
  • Implement quota printing to employees or accounting of output by client code or department
  • Encouraging responsible employee print behavior using print rules and impact messaging
  • Managed follow-me printing, mobile print, and “bring your own device” (BYOD) printing
  • Secure print release of documents ensuring private documents are not left sitting out on output devices for everyone to view
  • Capture copies of all printed documents to ensure compliance and to spot equipment and print abuses
  • Reveal printing inefficiencies such as excessive printing to high cost personal printers
  • Leverage existing Active Directory structure for user management
  • Implement print rules for re-routing of jobs to lower cost devices and enforcing duplex printing
  • Control color costs by restricting color print or automatically converting to black and white
  • Save paper and minimize your organization’s environmental impact

Regardless of your need to account for printing costs in your environment, Imagetek has a solution that will fit.

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