Our Management Team

Working together to exceed your expectations

Imagetek’s success comes from the quality and standards of our employees.  We pride ourselves on building a team of individuals who set themselves apart.  Imagetek’s management team and employees are passionate about what we do, and we are committed to excellence!


Nina Knight

President & Owner

Nina Knight serves as Imagetek’s President.  Nina has over 30 years’ experience in the document technology industry, and more than 20 years as a company president.  Guided by an innovative, winning spirit and visionary leadership, Nina has led Imagetek through tremendous growth and success.  Nina’s passion is centered around providing outstanding customer service to her clients.  She inspires her employees to have this same passion, so that Imagetek’s Vision of being the undisputed leader of document solutions and services may be realized.


Reggie Garner

Executive Vice President

Reggie Garner serves as Imagetek’s Executive Vice President.  Reggie launched his career in the document technology industry in 1983, and has played an integral role in developing and growing Imagetek since its inception in 1993.  Reggie has a passion for taking care of clients and contributing to their success by helping them solve business challenges and improving processes.   Above all, Reggie loves developing genuine and trusting relationships with customers and coworkers, while doing so with the utmost integrity and consideration for others.

Chris Zumwalt

Chris Zumwalt

Vice President of Technology

Chris Zumwalt serves as Imagetek’s VP of Technology.  Having a strong technical background, he began his career in the document solutions industry in 1998.  Since that time, Chris’ passion has been to creatively utilize technology to help customers address their specific business challenges by achieving results they could not attain otherwise.  From managing Imagetek’s technology team to working hands-on with our customers, Chris always adopts the attitude of “whatever it takes” to ensure our clients’ ultimate satisfaction.


Jeff Hurst

Service Operations Manager

Jeff Hurst serves as Imagetek’s Service Operations Manager.  Since entering the industry in 1984, Jeff’s passion has been to help customers be as efficient as possible.  Jeff is responsible for ensuring that Imagetek's service department performs to the required level of by monitoring the metrics on a regular basis.  In addition to his strategic responsibilities, Jeff  also likes to take a face-to-face approach when it comes to interacting with clients, and spends much of his time in the field interacting with them.


Kenith Muse

Field Service Manager

Kenith is Imagetek's Field Service Manager, and he launched his career in the industry in 1991.  Since that time, Kenith has dedicated himself to be the best at what he does, and customer satisfaction has always been his driving force.  It is Kenith's daily role to ensure that our technicians are providing exceptional customer service.  In addition to taking a hands-on approach in the field himself, Kenith also manages the technical training and certifications to keep all of our technicians at their peak performance.


Keith Brown

Director of Operations

Keith Brown serves as Imagetek’s Director of Operations.  Since joining Imagetek in 2008, Keith has been dedicated to evaluating, maintaining, and improving operational processes and efficiencies with the desire to serve our customers better.  Keith’s commitment to meet and exceed Imagetek’s company objectives is truly driven by his devotion to making the Imagetek customer experience the best it can be.


Cindy Munson

Customer Care Coordinator

Cindy Munson serves as Imagetek’s Customer Care Coordinator. With experience in the customer service field since 1988, Cindy’s passion is to make sure each and every customer feels like they are #1.   From managing and coordinating all installations and training to ensuring that any customer issues are resolved and communicated back to the customer, she really puts the “care” in Customer Care Coordinator.