Pros Elite 100 Service

Setting the standard in service excellence

ProsElite100In 2008, the office imaging industry benchmarking co-authors and execution experts, PROs Elite, began the process of identifying the top independent dealers in the 100 major market segments in the United States based on their elite services benchmarking model.  The Independent Dealer, who in the opinion of these industry experts, benchmarked best in any market was extended the offer to be selected for certification to the PROs Elite 100.  This challenging process demands that the selected dealer participate in rigorous training, execute specific action plans, achieve the PROs benchmarks, and allow themselves to be audited on an ongoing basis for performance against a multitude of critical benchmarks.  Certification must be earned every year.  Dealers who achieved this certification, in the opinion of PROs, are the best servicing dealers in the United States.  Imagetek is privileged to be the one and only PROs Elite 100 premier office technology provider in the North/Central Texas area.

What does partnering with Imagetek as a PROs Elite 100 dealer mean to your organization?

  • You can rest assured that in the DFW marketplace, Imagetek is recognized as the most admired company for our service culture by our customers and by the nation’s service benchmark execution specialist, BEI PROs
  • Knowledge that Imagetek’s service results are continually monitored and audited by the PROs Elite Group to ensure consistency of service delivery to our customers
  • Confidence that Imagetek must earn certification through demonstrating service excellence year after year in order to retain our PROs Elite 100 status
  • The PROs Elite Group is an independent organization whose reputation is built on assuring customer satisfaction, thereby giving Imagetek’s customers access to a third party advocate
  • Understanding that Imagetek never gets complacent, and continuously works to improve, while having access to the best-practices of all PROs Elite 100 servicing dealers

About PROs Elite

How is this different from other awards like manufacturer awards, JD Powers, and Elite Dealer magazine awards?

All of the other awards are either based on initial satisfaction or offered based on sales growth or purchases made from the manufacturer. Every dealer is eligible for those awards and in some cases those awards can be purchased. 

The PROs Elite 100 award is based on ongoing demonstrated servicing excellence. After considering other dealerships, Imagetek was selected because we possess all of the initial criteria of an Independent dealer and at the same time allowed PROs , the Industry benchmarking experts, to assess our performance against the elite servicing benchmarks. We then had specific action plans developed to close the gaps in any areas where we did not benchmark against the elite. Finally, we agreed to have our ongoing performance monitored and audited to continuously earn the right to be a member of this Elite 100 organization.

How many other dealers were considered?

Typically 3-5 dealers in any market were considered by the PROs Executive team. The Pros Executive team has been in and out of hundreds of dealerships throughout the United States. Their vast industry experience has positioned them to have a thorough understanding of the Office Imaging Dealer network. Some dealers, after being made aware of the certification process and investment required to achieve it, simply chose not to participate. Others simply were not considered as the PROs Executive team was not able to solicit strong input on the dealership.

Not all mega dealers or manufacturers met the initial criteria of having local warehousing, local and flexible product decision making authority, local dispatch, local billing, and local ownership.

Who are the PROs Executive team and what credentials do they have to become the certifying organization?

The Pros executive team is made up of former Independent Dealer executives who formerly were Vice Presidents of Service or Company Presidents at Xerox, Global Imaging Systems, and Ikon Office Solutions companies. One of the executives is the co-author of the Service Benchmarking model. The PROs executive team has been inside of over 200 Independent dealers raising the productivity and execution capabilities of those Dealerships. They are considered the experts in service management training and execution.

Didn’t you pay to get this certification? 

Among the many considerations we had to make as we entered into the selection process was the investments we would need to make in the training of our executive team, sales, service, and administrative employees. Much like any formal education, we made a significant financial investment in the education process.

We also made a significant financial investment in having the PROs executive team conduct a thorough on site analysis of our procedures, processes, and policies that led to our results. We then made further investments to have the PROs executive team help us execute the action plans they developed for us.

The most difficult consideration we agreed to was to allow the PROs Executive team ongoing access to our servicing performance data and their audit procedure. 

How long will you be certified as PROs Elite 100?

Imagetek earns certification every year. The PROs audit process allows them to monitor our performance and continuously coach us if we should drift from their benchmarks. We have committed internally to retain this certification.

Can the certification be lost?

Yes it can. We have a requirement to ensure that our service results are always at or consistently trending to the PROs benchmarks.  As a result, we must always remain in their audit process.  In addition, we must always retain the initial criteria of an Independent dealer to retain our PROs Elite 100 certification.