Document Management Webinar

Hire to Retire Human Resources Solution

Register today for our webinar covering “Hire to Retire”, our Human Resources solution, on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 1:00pm.

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Hire to Retire is a highly effective HR solution built to eliminate paper intensive employee processing. The singular and convenient Hire to Retire solution creates an operative workflow, streamlining specific Human Resources tasks from employee onboarding to review processes, benefits enrollments and more.

Imagetek and Square 9 Softworks invites you to learn about the key benefits of Hire to Retire, which include:

  • Eliminating Data Entry Repetition
  • Ensuring HIPAA Compliance
  • Web Based Employee Request Forms
  • Automatic Notifications of Employee Reviews
  • Streamlined Post Hire Activities

Hire to Retire simplifies document creation, storage and retrieval, and retention policies, saving the valuable time of your HR team. Register today to see Hire to Retire in action!

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