Capture & Routing

In today’s business environment most organizations still have the need to work with paper-based documents

However, many would like to be able to easily convert paper originals to digital format for archival and later retrieval.  Even with the many hardware advances that have made capturing and routing documents in the office easier, much is still to be desired. 

Most workers stand at a MFP or workgroup scanner and email themselves document after document only to go back to their desk to manually process the newly created electronic files. Following these steps involves countless time and effort when these processes could be automated by utilizing simple technologies.

Our capture and routing solutions can integrate directly or work along with your current or new office technology.

You can easily sort and route files based upon:

  • Intelligent OCR indexing
  • Barcoding
  • Manual input

You can even convert hard copy documents to common electronic file formats including:

  • Searchable PDF
  • Word
  • Excel and others  

These workflows can be easily customized to your business, ensuring documents are optimized, enriched by relevant data, and filed exactly where you expect them to be every time.

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