Document Security

Information is growing at an alarming rate

Organizations and their employees deal with more information on a day-to-day basis more than ever, and access to this information is becoming more readily available.  Employees must have access to organizational documents in order to perform their jobs effectively.

Imagetek excels at providing technologies that help improve processes when it comes to accessing and producing documents

Just some of the areas where we can help with document security include:

  • Integration of security features by our technology partners into their MFPs and other equipment that implement government data security standards
  • Electronic Document Management systems with user and group level access control
  • Print management tools that enforce secure authenticated release of documents, preventing hard copy documents from being viewed or removed from shared printers and MFPs
  • Software solutions that provide the ability to compare document versions, apply redaction, and conversions to non-editable formats
  • Enforcing print, scan-to-email, and copy validation in order to produce hardcopy documents with pin codes, network credentials, or HID proximity cards

When proprietary information is mishandled or makes its way into malicious hands, the impact can be costly and even devastating.  Let Imagetek help you prevent this from every happening.

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