Mobile Printing and Cloud

The workplace is changing with employees on the move, working from home, and in general breaking free from the traditional office environment

This mobility brings new challenges to supporting the business needs of the workforce when it comes to accessing, printing, and scanning documents.  

The use of company and personal owned tablets and smartphones has proliferated, while the demand of working with documents in order to be productive grows.

Today’s mobile printing technology allows companies to leverage their existing hardware or new equipment to realize a variety of benefits:

  • Employees can submit a print job from anywhere with their smartphone, tablet, or computer to any printer or MFP in the office
  • Users don’t congest email systems or waste the time of co-workers printing for them
  • Documents remain secure through encryption and credentialed release at the desired printer or MFP using a code or HID proximity card
  • Popular document formats are supported such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF
  • Allows guest printing without having to install drivers or worry about security
  • IT burden is minimized as mobile printing does not require the installation of print drivers or special accommodations to allow printing

Imagetek offers a variety of solutions that meet today’s mobility needs.  These solutions include direct printing to and scanning from printers and MFPs, enterprise controlled on-premise systems, and cloud-based SaaS that leverage current web technologies.

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